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We are former Postmasters who took on the challenge of transforming the workplace by setting clear work-life boundaries and taking control of our careers. We created the work culture we always wanted, and now we’re excited to share our secrets with our online community.

"Why just dream about success when you can live it with us, where connections spark, learning thrives, and change happens."  

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Rise - Build Courage & Wisdom 

Build courage and gain insights for overcoming workplace obstacles, enhancing your role, and embracing change through interactive sessions with experienced mentors. 

Connect - 24/7 Community Support

Engage in live chat with a supportive community, share experiences, seek advice, and build meaningful relationships with individuals facing similar workplace challenges.  

Discover - Personal Growth

Discover who you are outside of your job title. Explore and share personal passions and hobbies, fostering a balanced lifestyle and encouraging self-discovery and personal growth.

Expert Knowledge Sharing

Access a wealth of information from professionals within and outside your industry, benefiting from diverse perspectives and experiences.

Emotional Resilience 

Develop emotional resilience through shared experiences and community support, enhancing your ability to cope with workplace stress.

Mentorship Opportunities 

Find valuable mentorship opportunities that promote personal and professional growth, guiding you towards achieving your career goals.

Balanced Lifestyle

Don't have time for work AND play?  We show you how to look at your workday and find time for the things that matter the most.  We  encourage a lifestyle of work life boundaries leading to a successful career and a fulfilled personal life.  

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KSA Organizer 

VALUE: $79

We know your days are busy so we created this organizer to help you remember, track, and organize all the amazing things you do. So when that perfect job comes along, you are ready to create an eCareer profile that is memorable.
**Shipped to you FREE**


Live Online Training

VALUE: $597

As founding members let your voice be heard. You will guide us in what training you need most to reach your goals.  Join the online training Live to get your questions answered as you move through the courses.  


 Special Virtual Events

VALUE: $997

Enjoy all of our live KSA training virtual events and John Maxwell Leadership Masterminds FREE with your membership.


Quick Guide to Interviews (PDI/II)

VALUE: $37

Never struggle again to create Investigative Interview questions. We put together a guide based on the best practices used in law enforcement to help you draft questions to get the answers you need.


Private Online Community 

VALUE: $47

24/7 Support – Sometimes we need to vent it out, in our private community we talk about topics that matter today with real world solutions.


Managing Red Tape
Tool Kit

VALUE: $17

Let’s face it endless policy and changes are for the birds...and for postal management. We created a tool kit that will help you analyze your challenges and get things back into perspective


Online Courses 

VALUE: $1997

We are growing our learning library.  You will Rise, Connect, and Discover with us.  Our online courses make learning easy and can be accessed at any time so that you get the results you want on your schedule.  


Membership Dashboard

VALUE: $1797

Your membership area will have all the resources you need to Rise, Connect, and Discover.  Our Resource Library will include replays of all the live calls, so you can listen to them on the go.  All of our pdf downloads for you to use freely and our calendar of events.  


 Members Only Calls


Join our weekly Members Only Zoom Calls to get your questions answered.   Trust is built in between the meetings. And at our live calls. Build relationships and network with other members, live! Or download the replays and listen on the go. 

Here are just some of the
Essential Topics we explore.. 

  • ​Emotional Intelligence
  • Time Management
  • ​Managing Conflict within your Team
  • Empowering your Employees
  • Communication Effectively
  • ​Dealing with Failure 
  • Goals and Expectations 
  • Shaping Company Culture
  • Power of Persuasion
  • Transition from Co-Worker to Manager
  • Responding to a Crisis
  • ​Avoiding Micromanagement
  • Manage Resistance
  • Dealing with Under Performers 
  • ​Balancing Work and Play
  • Problem Solving
  • Getting Employees to Think
  • ​Difficult Employees
  • High Staff Turnover
  • Burnout
  • Handling Conflict Between Employees
  • The Holy Grail:  Engagement
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